Boiler Insurance & Central Heating Cover Explained

Boiler cover is an insurance policy you can claim if you find yourself without heat or hot water. While our more comprehensive insurance policies also cover plumbing, electrics, and gas boiler central heating, the basic coverage only covers boiler breakdown. Additionally, you can select the excess level per claim from various possibilities. Be cautious, though, as not all boiler cover companies are subject to FCA regulation like we are. The insurance policy includes built-in consumer protection with our boiler service cover that is FCA-approved.

By selecting the best coverage for your needs, you may have the certainty that someone will be there to help you whenever an issue arises. Our emergency boiler repair helpline is available round-the-clock, and we have heating engineers near you on call 24/7. Some customers purchase our boiler insurance to protect themselves from unforeseen boiler service costs. In contrast, others do so because they have trouble finding experienced gas boiler fitters near them quickly and affordably. Whatever your motivation, we are pleased to assist you with your boiler care.

Our gas boiler service insurance is comparable to other types of insurance you are likely accustomed to. You decide the amount of excess you’re ready to pay for each claim, the degree of coverage you want (for instance, gas boiler repair and gas central heating coverage), and whether the insurance policy fulfills your requirements. If you want to maintain your boiler heating system in prime condition, you can choose to add an annual boiler service to your product. You bear a monthly fee for the insurance, with the knowledge that you can contact us whenever you need to make an unlimited number of claims for your boiler care via our 24-hour emergency boiler repair near you helpline.

You can choose the excess level for your boiler care coverage claim, just like you are accustomed to with auto and home insurance. Your boiler protection insurance policy’s monthly boiler service cost decreases as you choose a higher excess amount.

What do you want to be covered, and how much do you want to spend for your boiler care? The kind of service you want and whether you want the security of an FCA-regulated product all factor into your decision. As specialists in the field, we are keen on boiler heating systems, and the hundreds of reviews we have on our unbiased website speak for themselves. We are FCA licensed for your extra security and provide you with a selection of excess levels boiler installation services in the UK. We ensure that our boiler service costs are reasonable compared to those of the prominent providers in the sector, and we welcome your business.


You would anticipate that we, the boiler experts, would respond in the affirmative, and we do! A gas boiler service offers two main advantages: first, the assurance that it is safe, and second, the knowledge that it is operating effectively. In addition to reducing your power bills, an effective boiler heating system can stop any problems from getting worse in the future. Legally, landlords are required to maintain their gas boiler service certificates. The validity of many boiler warranties requires annual boiler service.

The policy conditions that the provider has set forth for their products will determine everything. Many boiler replacements, particularly for older boilers, cannot be repaired or replaced since their spare parts are frequently unavailable, or boiler repair is costly compared to the cost of the boiler itself. If we can’t fix your boiler at a reasonable price, we will give you a discount on a new boiler if you purchase it from us and call us for a new boiler installation near you on our emergency helpline.

The boiler service and central heating system, including the radiators, are covered under the Boiler & Central Heating System Cover. The annual boiler service is also included in this. In comparison, the home cover policy has all the elements listed above but also covers problems not related to boiler heating service.

The fundamental distinction between landlord and homeowner boiler service insurance is that the insurance should cover the landlord’s requirement to keep an annual Landlord Gas Safety Record. This is something we can offer with all of our landlord services. For your convenience, we can provide electronic copies of the certificates of all our heating engineers registered with Gas Safe.

Boiler service is a benefit that some home insurance companies offer. To avoid paying for coverage you don’t need, make sure your house insurance or other plans do not already cover your boiler care.

Providers often do not cover old boiler care, so it’s crucial to double-check with them before requesting coverage. Although the boiler’s age won’t stop us from providing boiler services, we might need to adjust the required excess of the boiler service cost policy to account for the risk of a breakdown. If the need comes, we will speak with you about this.