Boiler service in the UK

How Much is Boiler Service in 2022

Considering the cost of neglecting minor issues that can lead to costly repairs or, in the worst case scenario, a new boiler, a boiler service is well worth the small price.

Not only does boiler servicing prevent minor problems from becoming major ones, but it also ensures that your boiler is safe and emits no toxic gasses.

Without one, your boiler’s insurance may be void. That’s correct; most boiler manufacturers mandate an annual boiler service as part of their warranty.

Boiler Service Cost

There are two kinds of boilers:

Traditional boilers use a storage tank that contains cast iron heat exchangers that heat the water. They are the boilers that provide a large amount of hot water, but when the hot water runs out, you must wait for them to heat up again. They are usually found in apartments.

Combination (or combi) boilers get their water from the mains. A storage tank is not required. They are much smaller than traditional boilers and are frequently found in kitchens concealed behind the door of a storage cabinet.

There are two types of boiler servicing plans available to homeowners with gas boilers:

An annual servicing deal, which includes breakdown coverage, is typically priced between £150 and £250.

A one-time boiler service will typically cost between £60 and £120, with local companies being less expensive than nationals.

You can usually pay for both annual and one-time servicing in advance with a monthly direct debit, which allows you to spread the expense out over the year.

Factors to look for before a boiler service:

There are countless reasons why you may require boiler service. Some of the most common boiler-related complaints or concerns are as follows:

  • The hot water supply is turned off.
  • The pilot light is not lit.
  • The thermostat does not appear to be functioning correctly.
  • The boiler shuts down frequently for no apparent reason.
  • Radiators are, at best, cold or tepid.
  • The boiler is making a strange noise.

In addition to the issues listed above, an annual boiler service is recommended to ensure there are no underlying problems that could cost you hundreds of pounds later.

Best services provider

If you hire a national company to conduct your boiler service, you will pay more for the same service that a smaller, local business could provide.

Nationals charge you not only for the service but also for their customer service team, advertisements, and call centers. In contrast, smaller companies charge you only for the engineer and possibly a small fee for their petrol expenses.


Your location will influence the cost of your boiler service, with fees in London being higher than in the countryside.

Several Gas Appliances

Finally, if your home has more than one gas appliance, you can ask the engineer to check everything during the same visit rather than charging separately to inspect your fire and boiler.

How to save money on boiler services:

Even if you don’t think there’s anything wrong with your boiler, it’s preferred that you have it serviced once a year, as both boiler makers and boiler engineers recommend.

Boilers are complicated pieces of technology. While one component failing does not mean that your boiler will cease to work immediately, leaving it to be repaired later will cause both your power bills and future repair costs to spiral.

Although it may appear counter-intuitive to have someone come in and perform a boiler service on something currently working perfectly well, doing so can aid in detecting any early problems.

Likewise, to affirm some boiler manufacturers’ warranty coverage, you must follow their service and maintenance instructions so that you can claim if a part needs to be replaced. If you don’t have a service history to prove you’ve been doing the checks as frequently as they want, you could be in for a hefty bill if you need fixing.

Even if your boiler isn’t broken right now, it’s a good idea to have a service plan in case you need a repair. It will save you money and the anxiety and hassle of having to arrange something last-minute that could end up costing more than twice the price of an annual servicing plan.

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